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Supplier of Galley and Laundry Equipment

Professional expertise

Norrøna is the leading supplier of galley and laundry equipment for the marine and offshore industry in the North Sea. Since our first delivery in 1979, we have supplied numerous installations for platforms and oil rigs. We have extensive experience in the application of the NORSOK standards which are required on the Norwegian sector.

We handle every step of the way

- Consultancy services (e.g. FEED studies)
- Engineering and drawings (blueprints, sketches and 3D drawings)
- Inspection and testing
- Technical documentation
- Delivery and logistics
- Installation
- Supervision 
- Service and maintenance

The photos to the right shows the galley and laundry areas in the brand new living quarters of Johan Sverdrup.

Photo cred: Øyvind Sætre

Quality products

Our equipment is provided in marine versions and can be customized to meet the specifications of our offshore customers. We supply quality brands only, and we make it a point to select those that have a proven track record. The products are extremely durable, which makes for low life-time costs. The solutions we design ensure efficient logistics in the galley and laundry areas. Our height-adjustable and wall-mounted equipment provides optimal ergonomics and meets all the HSE requirements of a modern professional workforce.


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Mr. Lars Økland
+47 909 82 266

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